Data collection services are ways of allowing the visitors of your site to offer you their information, managing the information and using the information to build relationships with the visitors.

Data Collection Examples:

Customer Survey . Add a simple pop survey to the home page, or build a multi-question smart survey, either way a survey will give you instant feedback that can be critical for making everyday business decisions, and learning more about the people who visit your website.

Members only area . Create a part of your web site that is only available to members who have signed in. This can be used for everything from creating a custom support area for your clients to creating a shared space for your employees to stay connected with other members of the team.

Information Requests . Start a new relationship with site visitors with something as simple as a .send information. link that sends a pre-determined packet of information to the visitor on request.

Mailing Lists . Have visitors of your site sign up to become a member of your mailing list. This is a great way to begin a community, allowing users to opt-in to direct communications.

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