We work with our clients to select the most effective content management system (CMS) that best suits their needs out of the many on the market. This includes assisting in identifying business requirements, developing scenarios, or assessing vendors. We can also provide a short-list of suitable products. Beyond initial selection, we can install and design workflows to make the solution work for you.

Content management is now seen as a key strategic requirement, with content management systems (CMS) being implemented as a core business system.

With hundreds of products available in the ever-changing marketplace, the challenge is to select the most suitable product, and successfully deploy it throughout the organization. The focus must therefore be on identifying and sharing best-practice approaches to content management projects.

We can provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services relating to content management, including:

Evaluating and selecting a CMS
  • determining business and technical requirements
  • evaluating CMS products and vendors
  • providing a short-list of suitable products
Implementing a CMS

  • assisting throughout the implementation project
  • consulting on best-practice approaches
  • providing supporting services, such as change management, usability and information architecture
Revitalizing a CMS

  • reviewing the effectiveness of the current CMS
  • providing a comparison against current marketplace offerings
  • identifying (often non-technical) activities that can be used to revitalize the system
Content management strategy
  • developing an enterprise-wide CMS strategy
  • providing strategic advice
  • facilitating the sharing of CMS knowledge between organizations

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